Other Books by Joel W. Martin
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Other Books by Joel W. Martin:

Decapod Crustacean Phylogenetics  (2009)

An Updated Classification of the Recent Crustacea  (2001) (free download)

Crustacean Sexual Biology (1991)

Crustacean Field Techniques (Cambridge University Press, in press)
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Scientific Publications
Click here to go to a list of some of my publications in scientific journals.


Books NOT by me (the other Joel W. Martin!)

Apparently there is at least one other author with the same name.  Our fields of expertise are quite different, but because I also have an interest in religious topics it’s possible that we could be confused.  The following books were written by a different Joel W. Martin:

Native American Religion (Religion in American Life)
Sacred Revolt:  The Muskeegee’s Struggle for a New World
The Land Looks After Us:  A History of Native American Religion
Love Beyond Life:  The Healing Power of After Death Communications

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