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The book’s cover was designed by the Marketing staff at Johns Hopkins University Press.  The design incorporates (within the three small circles) part of a beautiful and fascinating image called Visualizing the Bible by Chris Harrison, part of which is also seen in the background of this web site.  The full image, which can be seen on Chris Harrison’s web site (http://www.chrisharrison.net/projects/visualization.html), is the result of a collaboration between Harrison (a doctoral student at Carnegie Mellon University) and Lutheran Pastor Christoph Römhild in Germany.  The bar graph that runs along the bottom of the original image represents all 1,189 chapters in the Bible (the German Luther Bible was used).  Books alternate in color between white and light gray.  The length of each bar denotes the number of verses in the chapter.  Rendered above the bar are 63,779 cross references, each represented by a single arc connecting two pieces of the text.  Different colors are used to denote varying distances between connected chapters, creating a rainbow-like effect.  Because the image conveys (to me) the synergy between, and mutual illumination of, science and faith (a “science illuminates the Bible” kind of thing), and also happens to resemble a rainbow, and is also simply beautiful in its own right, I was delighted to be able to use it.  I sincerely thank Chris Harrison for his kind permission to use the image on the book’s cover, and both Chris and Christoph Römhild for their explanation of the image and of the process used to create it. 
Image copyright Chris Harrison, used by permission.


The Prism and the Rainbow cover


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