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God or Darwin?  It is one of the most contentious conflicts of our time.  It is also completely unnecessary, according to Joel W. Martin, an evolutionary biologist and ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church USA.  In this slim but powerful book, Martin argues that it is not contradictory to be a practicing, faithful Christian who accepts the science of evolution.

Martin finds that much of the controversy in the United States over evolution is manufactured and predicated on a complete – and sometimes willful – misapprehension of basic science.  Science and religion, he says, serve different purposes and each seeks to answer questions that the other need never address.  He believes that many of the polarizing debates about evolution distract from the deeper lessons of Christianity and that literal, fundamentalist readings of the Bible require the faithful to reject not just evolution but many of science’s greatest discoveries.

Just as the scientific explanation of rainbows is not meant to refute the biblical “rainbow” story of God’s promise, evolutionary theory is not a ploy to disavow the divine.  Indeed, Martin shows that the majority of Christians worldwide accept the theory of evolution.  He urges his fellow Christians to refuse to participate in the intellectually stifling debate over evolution and creationism/intelligent design.

An ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church USA, Joel W. Martin is the chief of the Division of Invertebrate Studies and Curator of Crustacea at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.  He is a youth advisor at a Presbyterian Church in Southern California and currently teaches Sunday school and confirmation classes.

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